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SugarCodeIt is an innovative, cost effective alternative to the traditional website design, software development and mobile native app development agency.  Our focus is to help each client build the right solution for their business needs. We believe in starting with a focused effort to Discover the real problem, Design the right solution, Develop iteratively, and Deploy on time.

Our typical process phases:


We find out exactly what your business needs are and what you want to accomplish by asking the right questions. We want to understand your target audience. Depending on the complexity of your project, we work with you to help you define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This stage is crucial to ensuring that the final product will truly meet your business needs.


We use the design phase to translate what we learned in Discovery to create wireframes: a blueprint and structure of how your application will flow and function.  We then create a unique visual experience by developing moodboards and applying them to the wireframes.


We use Agile Development Methodologies.  Working in short cycles allows us to deliver business value to project stakeholders in the form of new, demonstrable features quickly. This process also allows you to be involved often, allows you to provide feedback about the product and allows us to quickly react to your evolving business needs before too far in direction that may need change.


It’s time to get ready to launch! We launch your product to the public for your customers and user to see. Our team continues to work with you to correct any bugs we find and to develop any additional features, provide ongoing maintenance and additional feature sets to continue making your product performing and your business growing.

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